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Innovative and Client-centred approach

We act for both insolvency practitioners and individuals (including directors) in all areas of insolvency and restructuring as well as bankruptcy.  We have experience with large corporations and private clients, offering an innovative and client-centred approach that achieves the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Acting for Insolvency Practitioners

Our specialist lawyers act or insolvency practitioners and provide expert advice in various areas including:

  • Liquidations
  • Voluntary Administrations
  • Bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Receiverships (private and court appointed);
  • Provisional liquidations;
  • Public Examinations;
  • Deed of Company Arrangements;
  • Voidable Transactions and Insolvent Trading Claims (including demanding, initiating proceedings, enforcement of judgment);
  • Approval of Remuneration proceedings
  • Advice and guidance in respect to administration of the insolvency process.

Acting for individuals

Our specialist insolvency lawyers can guide you through the insolvency process to preserve value and avoid personal insolvent trading liabilities.

We can engage in an informal or formal insolvency process when you are caught in dire debt laden circumstances or are suffering from a chronic lack of liquidity, or when it is otherwise expedient to do so. Our goal is to achieve a softer salvageable landing or work around an otherwise unavoidable cataclysmic problem to preserve value and avoid personal insolvent trading liabilities. 

We can help you by:

  • Providing advice and guidance
  • Providing alternative solutions to avoid bankruptcy and liquidation
  • Acting on your behalf in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Responding to Statutory Demands and applying to set them aside
  • Resisting Winding Up proceedings;
  • Resisting Insolvent Trading Claims and Voidable Transaction Claims;
  • Offering administrative services to the trustee or liquidator
  • Providing debt recovery services
  • Protecting your assets

Each insolvency process is unique and complex, and you need experienced and driven legal professionals who are committed to achieving the best outcomes for your business.

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