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For Creditors

We are experts in resolving your disputes and recovering debts owed to you.

Our lawyers offer a range of debt recovery solutions and advice regarding enforcement including:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and negotiation;
  • Issuing demands for payment;
  • Issuing statutory demands to test solvency of the company debtor;
  • Assist Mortgagees seeking to enforce their mortgage by exercising power of sale and seeking orders to enter into possession;
  • Assist enforcement of guarantees;
  • Assist in drafting and registering caveats over property;
  • Assist in registration and enforcement of Personal Property Security Interests;
  • Commence proceedings in all courts and tribunals and obtain judgements against the debtor
  • Enforcement of judgments including by way of enforcement warrant, enforcement hearings, and seizure and sale of property;
  • Issue Bankruptcy Notices;
  • Appointment of Receivers;
  • Register interstate and foreign debts.

We also assist in conducting reviews of your current contact terms to ensure enforceability of future debts.

For Debtors

We act for debtors in defending claims in Courts and tribunals brought by creditors, bankruptcy trustees and liquidators.

Our lawyers offer a range of solutions including:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution and negotiation of debt;
  • Defending Claims brought by Creditors;
  • Applications to set aside default judgment;
  • Applications to set aside statutory demands;
  • Appeals of judgment debt;
  • Defending Bankruptcy Proceedings brought against you;
  • Defending winding up applications brought against your Company;
  • Applications to set aside winding up orders and sequestration orders; 

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