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What drives you, drives us

Driven to achieve the best outcomes for your business

As an expert commercial legal team in Brisbane, we are experienced and driven to achieve the best outcomes for your business. Our commitment is to provide to you a bespoke, highly tuned, ‘out of the box’ and outsourced solution for you. We are focused on fighting rigorously in your corner to blunt your opposition with our blend of legal skills and experience, and the right attitude and energy. 

Specialist Corporate Lawyers Brisbane

What We Do 

Are you involved in a complex high stakes business:

  • locked in a legal battle, restructure, or insolvency?
  • that is the victim of governments, big businesses or competitors behaving badly?
  • seeking to recover substantial losses?
  • dealing with adverse circumstances or defending claims that threaten your entire business, core parts of it, and/or your own personal assets?
  • seeking to challenge a bad administrative or other adverse decision that weakens or threatens your business?
  • seeking to protect or take control of a business where the current strategy is unravelling?
  • that has become dysfunctional because of a break down in mutual trust and confidence between the business owners and/or its stakeholders?
  • where structuring, probity and good governance are in need of revamping and/or risk management?
  • that is underperforming, not meeting it’s KPI’s, or deteriorating financially?
  • where cashflow has become an endemic problem?
  • confronting debt maturity dates approaching and paying off or refinancing these debts appears unlikely threatening the solvency of the business?
  • where stakeholders are putting the business under pressure?

Circumstances and Unplanned Events

Those circumstances and unplanned events are examples of the type of legal matters we handle, our market niche – the reason for our existence. We are well versed and equipped in navigating a course through those dire circumstances and events. As an expert commercial legal team in Brisbane, we are driven inexorably to rise above adversity and deliver success.

If you are seeking an experienced and dedicated legal team who specialise in the areas that matter most to your business, our expert corporate legal services in Brisbane work with you to achieve success – because what drives you, drives us.

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Our Process

Our Main Focus is You

Listen and understand you

Devise a bespoke legal solution

Implement the agreed solution

We are driven by what drives you

Add a whole new winning dynamic

Specialist Commercial Lawyers Brisbane

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